Information About Pargo Jewelry Collections:

Our jewelry is available in three different materials:

1) Sterling Silver:
These pieces are made of 0.925 sterling silver and are plated with a 0.2 µm layer of rhodium. Rhodium is added to enhance the appearance of silver and to protect it from oxidation.

2) 18K Gold Plated:
These pieces are made of brass and are plated with a 3-µm layer of 24K yellow gold. 18K refer to the color of gold.

3) Rose Gold Plated:
These pieces are made of bronze or copper and are plated with a 3-µm layer of 24 K rosé gold “ITALIA”.

These plating surface treatments can fade over time due to its contact with hard surfaces, sweat, water, soap, perfume, clothes or others. Rings are often more vulnerable due to their frequent contact with objects.

All plating treatments are performed to last for 2 years but this time can vary depending on how often the piece is worn and how you take care of it. However, re-plating of your jewelry is always possible.

Pargo Jewelry pieces are usually polished to a matte or semi-matte finish. Mat surfaces will become shinier over time with wear and by contact with other objects.


The following are some tips to make your jewelry last longer.

– After each use, gently wipe your jewelry with a soft cloth to remove make-up and oils form skin and store it in a jewelry box.
– Remember to coil the necklace chains to prevent damage when storing.
– Store your jewelry in a place safe from oxidation, friction or contact with other objects.
– Do not forget your jewelry in the bathroom. Humidity enhances tarnishing and oxidation. Note that a jewelry case does not protect it from oxidation.
– Avoid direct contact with water, soap, perfume, make-up, hair-spray and other chemicals.
– Do not use your jewelry while having shower, sauna or bath.
– Avoid the contact of your jewelry to surfaces as much as possible.
– Do not use your jewelry when doing hand work (e.g. household tasks).
– If your jewelry looks remains dull or have residue on it, you can clean it with water and a little soap. First soak the piece in warm water and gently rub the surface with soap using your fingers. Then rinse quickly and pat dry it thoroughly. (Avoid for pieces with pearls, which might affect the attachment of pearl to the piece.)