Founded by designer Parisa Gol in 2015, PARGO is a studio located in Stockholm, Sweden, designing and making modern conceptual jewellery collections.

PARGO designs are simple yet sophisticated. The idea is to create jewelry for modern audience. Something to add a bit of elegance, an understated glamour that blends in with their style like their personality. Most pieces are available in gold and rose gold and silver to match or contrast with different skin tones.

Parisa sees every collection as a design project. There are different technologies and methods used for creating each collection, but each and every piece is polished and finished by hand at her studio.

Intrigued by the raw beauty of nature and its transformation in time and by season, Parisa takes her main inspiration from nature. To that, she adds her desire for story-telling and symbolism and starts drawing. She spends hours re-working the sketches and making them simpler each time. The result is minimal Scandinavian design, with conceptual meaning behind each piece.

Parisa Gol Jewelry Designer | modern jewelry